Solar Power Bank Waterproof 30000mAh Solar Charger

- high capacity mobile charger external battery power bank, protable powerbank solar waterproof
- Dual USB ports, you can charge phones, pads or other small electronic devices simultaneously
- intelligent display subtitles, battery capacity can be accurate to one percent
- Intelligent circuit connection charge, connected devices automatically recharge, power automatic shutdown, efficient fast charging
- Automatic identification of charging equipment, adjusts the output current
- 7 intelligent security protection, fast and safe charging
- The battery has passed the MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet )
Product Type: Single Crystal Solar Outdoor Mobile Power Supply
Material: Plastics
Solar power: 1.8W single crystal
Mobile power color system: black, yellow, green, blue, orange
Core Material: Polymer Core
Maximum capacity:20000mh/30000mAh
Core conversion: 65-78%
Output: DC5V/2.1A (single port maximum output)
Input: DC5V/2.1A
Other functions: compass, highlight flashlight, cigarette lighter, waterproof

Warranty Ordinance:

A. The normal use of quality problems, according to the manufacturer's commitment to the warranty period for replacement, warranty.
B. Product appearance damage during the warranty period only provides warranty service.
C. Random accessories and gifts are not guaranteed and maintained.
2. The warranty will automatically expire in the following cases:
A. Products have been misoperated, neglected or damaged by force majeure (e.g. floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes, wars, etc.).
B. Products have been repaired or refitted by technicians of non-manufacturer or non-manufacturer authorized agencies.
C. Product fuselage codes or warranty labels have been replaced, altered or damaged.
D. The appearance is seriously damaged and destroyed.
3. Repair agreement:
A. From the time you sign and receive the goods, if the product has its own fault within 7 days, please contact us for after-sales customer service consultation and send it back to our company for testing.
Our company promises to insure the replacement. Our company only undertakes the first freight of product marketing. The freight for repairs should be borne by you.
B. Products that need to be replaced must be packaged and fittings intact and complete, without affecting the second sale.

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